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ROOFTEC - Metal roof repair & renewal system for old metal roofs :

ROOFTEC R.S (Metal Roof Repair and Renewal System) is an economical solution for leaking, corroded metal roofs. This system is a step by step application starting with corrosion control, sealant application, repair of cuts, holes etc and finally entire roof coating. Each and every roof components like fasteners, side laps, seams, peak panels, rooftop equipment bases, gutter systems etc are treated individually. This system uses higher quality oxide converters to stabilize corrosion, pressure resistant and highly elastomeric sealants, matching profile panels for repair, highly elastomeric rubberized roof coating, and solar reflective energy efficient coatings as a final finish.


Compared to roof replacement, ROOFTEC Roof Renewal System is highly economical and saves the building owner much maintenance costs for many years. This system comes with a performance guarantee.

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