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Inverted Insulated waterproof roofing system for metal roofs

ROOFTEC - INVERTED INSULATED ROOFING SYSTEM is an energy efficient roofing system which is a real money saver for the metal building owners. this system will fight against thermal stress which affects all metal roofs in hot climatic conditions due to the exposure to solar thermal radiation. ROOFTEC IR SYSTEM will enhance the life of the roof for many more years compared to the conventional metal roof panel systems. since the top surface will not absorb any heat from solar radiation the interior of the building stay cool resulting in much energy cost savings enhancing the comfort levels for the occupants. This system comes with corrosion proof aluminum cladding, insulation, a seamless waterproofing system with reinforcement membrane and a solar reflective coating along with compatible roof accessories like raised or tubular skylights, roof vents, and other components. 

ROOFTEC - IR SYSTEM provides a performance guarantee.

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